First Year Resources

Welcome to UC Davis

CEE Guidance Manual for Graduate Students and their Advisors. Make sure you read this carefully.

CEE Department Forms. Take a moment and browse through what is available. During your time at UC Davis you might have to use one or more of these forms (e.g. for reimbursements, program of study submission etc.)

Grad pathways. There are some wonderful workshops for graduate students offered by this program.

Student Academic Success Center. Advising and retention Services offers workshops and advising appointments every quarter to help students develop their time management, success strategies, and academic skills. Services are open to all UC Davis students.

University Writing Program. The UWP promotes excellence in written communication among UC Davis students and faculty and emphasizes the importance of writing in the larger community. It helps undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to master the writing skills they need to succeed as academics, professionals, and citizens.  For more information on programs and services go to the corresponding tab.

Mentoring at Critical Transitions (MCT). These seminars are meant for professors and their graduate students.

Graduate Teaching Community (GTC). They hold weekly meetings and discuss teaching experiences and practices.

Resources for Graduate Students

Student Accounting

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Research in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Coursework at UC Davis

The General Catalog of UC Davis contains all courses offered.

Developing your note-taking skills is key to excelling in graduate school. The Cornell note-taking system (1 , 2), is a standardized method that has been found to be effective. If you feel that this is an area you could improve and benefit from then we can discuss practices individually or as a group.

Research 101

Time Management

End of Quarter / Year Deliverables