Technical Workshops & Presentations

This page lists select technical training activities offered to a broad range of audiences. Materials are available upon request.


  • Canadian Geotechnical Society Numerical Modeling Workshop (co-developed with Prof. Jack Montgomery): “Numerical Modeling of Geosystems: Background, Constitutive Modeling & Problem-Specific Validation” (03/09/2021) and “Using Numerical Modeling to Interpret Case Histories (03/11/2021).
  • One-day short course during Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics V Conference in Austin: Numerical Modeling for Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Applications. In collaboration with Professor Juan M. Pestana (GeoSyntec Senior Principal and UC Berkeley Emeritus Professor). June 10, 2018.
  • Vancouver Geotechnical Society one-day workshop: PM4Sand and Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Liquefaction during Earthquakes. Developed and delivered in collaboration with Ross W. Boulanger (UC Davis Professor). October 27, 2017. 

Seminars / Webinars

    • “Liquefaction-induced downdrag on piles: Lessons from a centrifuge model testing program” GEOPUCP, Geotechnical Association of Pontificia Universidad del Perú, Keynote Speaker in GEOWEEK 3rd Edition: “International Congress of Geotechnical Engineering,” October 25th, 2021
    • "Broadening the Utilization of CSMIP Data: Double Convolution Methodology towards Developing Input Motions for Site Response & Nonlinear Deformation Analyses” California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) – Seminar on Utilization of Strong Motion Data. October 21, 2021.
    • AEG Symposium, Lateral Spreading in Balboa Boulevard (1994 Northridge): Suspected Mechanisms, Data, and Predictive Capabilities, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, 64th Annual Meeting, Geologic and Seismic Hazards Symposium, San Antonio, TX, September 24, 2021.
    • Seismological, structural, and geotechnical aspects of the 2020 Samos (Aegean Sea) earthquake. Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics (SECED) Evening Meeting, United Kingdom. March 31, 2021. (Remote Presentation).
    • Performance-based assessment of liquefaction-induced ground failure: element- & system-level considerations. Universidad de Chile, Department of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Seminar Series, March 30, 2021. (Remote Presentation)
    • Performance-based assessment of liquefaction-induced ground failure: element- & system-level considerations. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Annual meeting – Technical Session, March 24, 2021. (Remote Presentation).
    • Constitutive models for sands and low-plasticity silts and clays and their application in tailings. International Virtual Short-Term Course on Futuristic Prospects of Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Issues of Coal Mine Overburden and Mine Tailings. Sponsored by Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC), Government of India. March 18, 2021.
    • Towards capturing 2D spatial variability in 1D site response analyses. Structural Engineers association of Northern California (SEAONC), January 26, 2021. (Remote Presentation).
    • Mw7.0 Aegean (Samos / Izmir) earthquake: reconnaissance on the island of Samos. Lunchtime virtual seminar, RMS Consultants, November 30, 2020. (Remote Presentation).
    • Visiting Scholar Lecture Series @ National Chung-Hsing University (Taichung, Taiwan) - October 2019:
      • Bio-mediated ground improvement for liquefaction mitigation.
      • Research needs and opportunities in geotechnical earthquake engineering.
      • A plasticity model for sands in earthquake engineering applications.
    • Numerical modeling of ground deformations at Balboa Blvd. in the Northridge 1994 earthquake. University of California, Berkeley, Geosystems Engineering Weekly Seminar Series, October 2, 2019.
    • Numerical modeling of ground deformations at Balboa Blvd. in the Northridge 1994 earthquake. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) San Diego Chapter, 2nd Ishihara Colloquium, August 23, 2019.
    • Numerical modeling of earthquake-induced ground deformations. GeoEng Centre Seminar, Queen’s University and Royal Military College of Canada, Canada, April 24, 2019.
    • Numerical modeling of earthquake-induced ground deformations. UC San Diego, Department of Structural Engineering, Seminar, April 11, 2019.
    • Constitutive modeling of biocemented sands. Center for Biomediated and Bioinspired Geotechnics (CBBG) Webinar, March 1, 2019.   (webinar).
    • NHERI@UC Davis centrifuge modeling: designing experiments across scales. National Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) UC San Diego Workshop, December 14, 2018.
    • Nonlinear dynamic analyses for evaluating liquefaction effects: the role of constitutive model calibration and validation. EERI@UNR Student Chapter Seminar Series, University of Nevada, Reno, April 27, 2018.
    • Methodology for analysis validation and examination of case studies. Workshop Response History Analysis Validation (RHAV), QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting, Taupo, New Zealand, September 3-6, 2017.
    • Paths forward toward assessing the effects of liquefaction on structures and lifelines: a tale of honesty and bravery. U.S. – New Zealand – Japan International Workshop Liquefaction-Induced Ground Movements Effects, Berkeley, CA, November 4, 2016
    • Problem-specific validation of constitutive models, Liquefaction Experiments and Analysis Projects (LEAP), Washington Meeting, The George Washington University, January 26-27, 2015.
    • A sand plasticity model for earthquake engineering applications: Modeling Delayed Flow Failures Geotechnical Engineering and Geomechanics Group, University of Colorado, Boulder, October 9, 2015.
    • A sand plasticity model for earthquake engineering applications. Structural and Aerospace Graduate Student Seminar, University of California, San Diego, CA, November 17, 2014.
    • A sand plasticity model for earthquake engineering applications. Geo-Institute Graduate Student Organization at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, September 29, 2014.
    • Constitutive modeling of duration and overburden effects for liquefiable sands. Young Researchers Workshop10th International Conference on Urban Geotechnical Engineering (CUEE), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, February 28, 2013.
    • Numerical modeling of liquefaction effects. San Francisco Geotechnical Institute (SFGI) – Workshop Meeting, San Francisco, CA, February 19, 2013.
    • Numerical modeling issues in predicting post-liquefaction reconsolidation strains and settlements. Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering Award Seminar, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, February 14, 2013.